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Animania 2011

This photo alone is worth all the work volunteering at Animania

Animania 2011 Madoka Cosplay Group, Backstage

Why oh why did I get lazy and not bring my camera?? Crappy cellphone camera…

More to come later<>

Definitely bringing a proper camera next year…

The scream from the crowd when we rolled out the Evangelion set was euphoric. Hope I can find someone who recorded the whole thing

Evangelion cosplay group prepping their mecha head before showtime (don't ask me how we got them on stage, it was a terror)

Tales of Xillia cosplay group. Love the outfit, but their choice of cosplay was not the best for adapting to a skit

Evangelion group on stage. Camera pretty much died to the stagelight... *sigh*

Same story

Gallery from one of the backstage camera crew. You’ll find all the Cosplay finalist photos there.


啊 好想買啊,可是已經打算買英文版トトリ了,在玩玩第二之前就買第三好像有點浪費,說不定第二玩玩前第三也要出英版了。不過買日版也可以說是練日文。

都是因為岸田老師畫得越來越厲害了啦! 那麼可愛的人物,完全治癒心靈!

So want to buy Atelier Meruru, but I’ve already decided to buy the english version of Totori so it seem abit of a waste to buy 3 before I’ve even played 2. Maybe a localization would have come out before I finish 2 as well. Though if I buy the jap version it’ll be an excuse to practice japanese…

It’s all Kishida Mel’s fault, his arts are getting better with every project. Such cute characters, make you all fuzzy.