Animania 2011

This photo alone is worth all the work volunteering at Animania

Animania 2011 Madoka Cosplay Group, Backstage

Why oh why did I get lazy and not bring my camera?? Crappy cellphone camera…

More to come later<>

Definitely bringing a proper camera next year…

The scream from the crowd when we rolled out the Evangelion set was euphoric. Hope I can find someone who recorded the whole thing

Evangelion cosplay group prepping their mecha head before showtime (don't ask me how we got them on stage, it was a terror)

Tales of Xillia cosplay group. Love the outfit, but their choice of cosplay was not the best for adapting to a skit

Evangelion group on stage. Camera pretty much died to the stagelight... *sigh*

Same story

Gallery from one of the backstage camera crew. You’ll find all the Cosplay finalist photos there.


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