Mirai no Mirai

1. That house is a baby danger course, all that level difference and stairs?

2. Hosoda need to rethink his character style if he wants to keep using 3d environments this way, it’s incredibly jarring. He favours plain untextured muted palettes for hand-drawn but goes very shiny and reflective in 3d.

3. The movie lack focus, as if it was meant to be released as 15min episodic web clips. Each episode have barely anything to do with the previous one, rarely sharing characters or plot devices, other than the one with the dog and Mirai (incidentally the two I like most). Worse it renders the whole experience very flat, yet very little individual moments to make things entertaining, I hesitant to say they ruin the build ups because there’s none to begin with.

4. Is Kun 4 or is he 6-7? The problem is he talks (in voice and mannerism) and have understanding (in his surrounding and what people tell him) like a 6-7, yet have reaction and tantrums like a 4. But he is not cute and adorable like a 4 year old would be, so I’m a lot less sympathetic to his antics and he just ends up grating.

5. The episode with the shinkansen is just … off. I’m not sure what Hosoda is aiming for here, it’s not been set up either tonally or thematically. Again it feels like this should have been an episodic release.

6. There are better ways to talk about family. Hosoda got greedy, shouldn’t have thrown every idea into the blender.

7. Given this is the movie and those promo trailers… yeah, no wonder audience wanted their money back.

8. I’m glad Mary and Witches Flower beat it at the box office, that one had a lot more fun and heart to it.


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