San’in Maigo – Afterword

Assessing the trip…



JR Trains:

関西空港 -> 新大阪 -> 岡山 -> 松江 (11650Y, 421.2K)

松江 -> 安来 (400Y, 20.1K)

安来-> 米子 -> 境港 (480Y, 26.7K)

境港 -> 米子 -> 松江 (1550Y, 46.8K)

出雲市 -> 玉造温泉 -> 松江 (1300Y, 32.7K)

松江 -> 米子 -> 由良 (2010Y, 71.8K)

由良 -> 倉吉 -> 松江 (2790Y, 81.8K)

松江 -> 倉敷 (5040Y, 172.1K)

倉敷 -> 岡山 (320Y, 15.9K)

岡山 -> 名古屋 (10070Y, 366.9K)

名古屋 -> 高山 (5360Y, 166.7K)

高山 -> 名古屋 (5360Y, 166.7K)

名古屋 -> 米原 (2960Y, 79.9K)

彦根 -> 京都(1110Y, 61.7K)

京都 -> 関西空港 (2980Y, 99.5K)

Same trip using unreserved seats: 53380Y

JR 7Day Pass: 28300Y

Saving: 25080Y, ~47% off (or, would have paid ~89% more than price of JR Pass)

Conclusion: Less saving than I thought, was aiming for 100%! Not enough Shinkansen?



一畑電車: (1日フリー乗車券 is 1500Y, didn’t use it as it’s cheaper to pay individually for me)

松江しんじ湖温泉 -> 出雲大社前 (790Y, 37.3K)

出雲大社前 -> 電鉄出雲市 (480Y, 13.2K)

近江鉄道: (S・Sフリーきっぷ)

米原 -> 豊郷 -> 彦根 (550Y, 24.2K)

Total on private train: 1820Y


Total on transports: ~30120Y

Total distance traveled: 1905.2KM

Conclusion: ~270K traveled per day, that’s kind of crazy. The total distance is enough to go from Taiwan to Kansai with some left over!


Itinerary Planning

If I could, I’d drop Okayama/Kurashiki and the Conan Musuem in a heartbeat and spend the extra days in Matsue/Izumo. There’s quite a few places, museum, shrines I left out because of time constraints and timetable conflicts.

In fact, I think San’in is worth 7 days all to itself, and I’d definitely go back there for an even more relax paced, in depth trip.

The detour to Takayama was well spent though and it was definitely the best decision I made for the whole trip. It streamlined the journey to the K-ON school and presented a very different climate and feel from the San’in area.



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