Onsen Maigo – Extra – Renting car

When renting cars in Japan there are a few things to watch for.



1.Always get the complete insurance and make sure it includes NOC (Non-Operating Charge). 一定要保全險還要確定有包含NOC (營業損失賠償)

A common mistake people make is buying insurance and is then surprised when they have an accident to be handed a 20-30k bill. What about the insurance? A lot of times what’s termed full insurance only covers cost of repairing the vehicle. The rental charge company will charge a Non-Operating Charge to compensate for the time the vehicle is being repaired and could not be rented out.



  1. Don’t trust GPS navigation by phone number 不要太相信用電話號碼來導航


Usually GPS navigation in Japan works by inputting the destination’s phone number. The problem then is that the directory gets out of date and some places’ phone number leads somewhere entirely different from the location. If one is not careful one can easily become lost. Always manually double check the destination found by the GPS before getting on the road.



  1. Lookup Mapcode 用mapcode


The sure safe way of telling the GPS where to go is by inputting a MapCode. It is kind of like a long lat coordinate but specific to Japan. One should locate the location on a mapcode site like mapion (http://www.mapion.co.jp/) and get the mapcode beforehand, then feed the GPS the mapcode address.



  1. Always call the police and rental company 出事報警通知租車公司


If the rental car is involved in an accident, no matter how minor, even if no one else is involved and the car simply scratched a wall, one should always contact the police and the rental company to have the incident logged. If one does not contact the police and rental company then any insurances is voided and one may be liable for full damages.



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